Interview: Aurora Jane

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Aurora Jane is a three piece outift about to release their fourth album, Holding Pattern, after spending much of 2012 on tour. We were able to question vocalist Jane Hole about her career, her music and her inspiration. Hi Jane, welcome to Beauty and Lace. What made you want to be a musician? I always [...]

Interview: The Siren Tower

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The Siren Tower promo shot 1

Hi Grant and welcome to Beauty and Lace. Can you tell us a little about how you all met and formed The Siren Tower? We all knew each other in our previous bands. We kinda cherry picked each other and put our dream line-up together. We’ve all come from heavy music backgrounds so there’s a [...]

Interview: Kiyomi Vella

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Kiyomi Vella was a 2013 contestant on The Voice who has gone on to embrace the lessons she learned on the show and bring her talent to a wider audience. This is what we recently learned about the young lady. Hi Kiyomi, welcome to Beauty and Lace What inspired you to become a musician? I [...]

Interview: Briana Cowlishaw

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Briana Cowlishaw is a passionate young Sydney Jazz and Pop musician set to embark on a national tour to celebrate the launch of her new album, we were able to find out a little more about her. Hi Briana, Welcome to Beauty and Lace What inspired you to become a musician? Hi There. I always [...]

Interview: Anita Lester (Lester The Fierce)

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Lester The Fierce EP art

Lester The Fierce is Melbourne artist Anita Lester who is just about to hit the road with Ngaiire for a twelve date national tour titled Lamentations. In the lead up we were able to discover a little more about Lester The Fierce and her inspirations. Hi Anita, welcome to Beauty and Lace. Thanks for taking [...]

Interview: Sam Yeldham (Guineafowl)

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Guineafowl is Sam Yeldham, a young Sydney musician who is about to launch his sophomore EP I Hope My City Loves Me Still. We were able to find out a little more about him and how he got his start in this interview. Hi Sam, Welcome to Beauty and Lace. What inspired you to become [...]

Interview: Rachel Costanzo

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Rachel Costanzo low res

Rachel Costanzo is a young Melbourne musician who is busy following her dreams and has just released her debut single, her EP is set to be released later this year. We spoke to Rachel about her life and career. Can you tell us what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Ever since I [...]

Interview: Brendan Tan (This Sanctuary)

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This Sanctuary are a Sydney band getting ready to launch their debut album, they have been together many years and we got to learn a little more about them in this interview. Welcome to Beauty and Lace, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us. Thanks for having us! Can you tell us [...]

Interview: Scott Darlow

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Scott Darlow sunnies

Scott Darlow is a talented musician passionate about his Aboriginal heritage, he has managed to combine the two into a fulfilling career where he plays more than 200 shows every year. He performs in clubs, pubs, bars, high schools, Churches and prisons across the world to connect, inspire and educate people through his music to [...]

Interview: Andrew Swift (Andrew Swift and The Rattlesnake Choir)

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Melbourne locals Andrew Swift & The Rattlesnake Choir are four men with a passion for music who love doing their thing live. They release a new EP, Up With The Anchor, June 28  and are doing some shows to celebrate. We managed to find out a little about them in this interview. Sit back, put [...]