Interview: Auguste (Skye Lockwood)

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Auguste B&W

Adelaide step-sisters Skye and Beth make up the electro pop duo Auguste and we were able to discover a little more about them in this interview. Hi and welcome to Beauty and Lace, thanks for talking to us. You are step-sisters, what made you decide to make music together? It kind of just all fell […]

Interview: Grace Barbé

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Grace Barbe

Grace Barbé has been awarded ‘Best World Act’ an amazing six years running in her current home state of WA. She has a natural gift for rhythm and melody, she plays guitar and bass as well as singing in three languages; English, Kreol and French. We were able to find out a little more about […]

Interview: Phebe Starr

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Today we have songstress Phebe Starr with us for an interview, read on to find out all about her… How would you describe your sound? Indie electro pop! Tell us a bit about your new single “Feel My Love”…what is it all about? Feel My Love is a song I wrote about coming to terms […]

Interview: Megan + The Achilles

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megan and the achilles

Today I have Megan from Indie Folk group “Megan & The Achilles” with us for an interview, read on to find out more about this up and coming Queensland band: How did you settle on the name “Megan & The Achilles”? Well, my name is Megan Achilles and that’s what I was using when I […]

Interview: Loud So Clear (Ryan McKeown)

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loud so clear

We all know that there are a million different ways to discover new music, and I just happened to be scrolling my Facebook feed the other night when I spotted a post about the newly released EP by Loud So Clear. It was a post shared by a mutual friend and the band is from […]

Interview: Misguided

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Today we have Misguided, a Metalcore band from Brisbane with us for an interview. If you like your music loud, read on… How would you describe your genre, Metalcore? Socially aware Metalcore. Canned Heat meets Frank Zappa meets The Boss Springsteen with dash of polka and the melodies of pre 2000 Kylie Minogue. Which other bands […]

Interview: Ras Jahknow

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ras jahknow

The Ras Jahknow Band is a Melbourne based act pumping new soul and rhythm into culturally rich roots reggae music. Since their inception in 2010 they have made a name for themselves as one of Melbourne’s most iconic reggae acts. They have recently released a new single and are currently touring the East Coast, we […]

Interview: Forever Ends Here

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Today we have Luke from Forever Ends Here with us to have a chat about the band, their new single “Chapters” and their upcoming tour: How would you describe your music? Once upon a time we would have said pop punk, but we’ve finally developed our own unique sound. I’d say it’s pop rock with a […]

Interview: Tinpan Orange (Emily Lubitz)

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Tinpan Orange jump low res copy

Today we have Emily Lubitz from 3 piece folk group Tinpan Orange with us to answer a few questions. With the trio set to release their fifth studio album, an upcoming tour scheduled and their new single Rich Man recently released, it is certainly an exciting and busy time for Tinpan Orange. Where did the name Tinpan Orange […]

Interview: Jade Alice

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Jade Alice low res copy

Jade Alice is an up and coming songstress from Victoria, with her debut single “Kick Drum” being officially launched at Shebeen (Melbourne) on February 18th 2016. The following is an interview with Jade where she chats a bit about herself and her music. Make sure you watch the included clip to hear Kick Drum and […]