Better Day – Dolly Parton

My ears really have had a workout this week and gone from genre to genre, seeing just how far we could wander from my comfort zone and still get away with it. Well currently I have the new Dolly CD on repeat and it is refreshingly upbeat.

We are getting closer to Dolly’s shows in Australia and what better way to get prepared for the live show than to spend the lead up listening to the the Better Day CD.

Better Day consists of 12 brand new songs penned by Dolly Parton, Country Is As Country Does written with Mac Davis. This album really does resonate classic Dolly with me, it has the sound and her voice hasn’t changed in all the years I’ve heard her.

dolly parton

I was doing some research into the CD as I was listening, as I often do – especially with music I wouldn’t usually listen to, and I came across the perfect description:

“I wanted to do an album that would be very uplifting and positive, as well as inspirational,” says the seven-time Grammy winner who was hailed as “one of our national treasures” by Newsweek magazine.

“Times are hard all over. I think people need to feel better and I thought BETTER DAY was a perfect title because it says ‘hope.’ As an artist and songwriter, you try to think about what your audience would like to hear. Things are so glum lately with the economy and all of the recent storms and the doomsday talk. I thought, ‘I don’t have the heart to write any sad songs.’ So I wrote some uplifting songs with a ray of hope and a bit of promise.” – (

This CD definitely has an uplifting tone and a message of hope. A sound that will get into your head and heart and have you singing along if you listen enough times.

Better Day – Track Listing

01. In The Meantime
02. Just Leavin’
03. Somebody’s Missin’ You
04. Together You and I
05. Country Is As Country Does
06. Holding Everything
07. The Sacrifice
08. I Just Might
09. Better Day
10. Shine Like The Sun
11. Get Out and Stay Out
12. Let Love Grow


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