Beauty and the Geek launch ‘Hot Girls’ single

Lachlan Cosgrove, winner of the 2011 series of ‘Beauty and the Greek’ has won a great deal more than just the series, he has a gorgeous girlfriend and has just released his debut single.


Lachlan and his girlfriend Jordan are the first Beauty/Geek couple to have ignited the spark on the reality show and they are excited to showcase their debut single to their fans. This is a great way to show Australia that they are still together and going strong.

“We both currently live together in Sydney” Lachlan comments; “I never thought I would pursue a career in music but being the winner of Beauty & The Geek has given me the opportunity to pursue this interest and I don’t want to waste it!”

‘Hot Girls’ is the debut single by Lachlan and featuring Jordan, it was created with the help of Sydney based producers Hit City.

This track is available exclusively on iTunes and there is a video in production so we will get that in coming weeks.

YouTube has a behind the scenes, the making of video for ‘Hot Girls’ if you want to head on over to check it out.

Lachlan is extending his 5 minutes of fame, what do you think of the above video?

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