Australian Tour for Weezer

There have been rumours abounding about potential Weezer tours, fuelled by members of the band themselves, and finally Chugg Entertainment is excited to announce that yes, Weezer will be heading our way for their first Australian tour in 16 years.

January 2013 will see the dreams of Weezer fans across the country finally finding fruition, but there are only 4 shows booked so I would suggest fans get up and get in early because the tickets are going to fly out the door when they go on sale at 9am local time on Thursday July 26th.

This tour is going to be a super celebration for older fans who will be able to reminisce on the previous tour and a great introductory tour for the younger generation who are only getting to know the Weezer material now, with more recent albums, and working their way back to the early stuff. Fans have waited 16 years for this tour, the anticipation is so palpable that it has become more than just a tour, now it represents the satisfaction of all those years of longing.


Weezer have almost two decades worth of material to make their setlist choices from and they are a band that remain committed to their roots. The past year has been spent entertaining fans with a massive dose of nostalgia as they played two of their ground-breaking albums in their entirety. Some of their early material has proved to be quite influential on the musicians of today and Weezer are always happy to revisit that music that affected a generation.

Last month it was announced that Weezer would be closing out the year with US shows featuring the album commonly referred to as ‘The Blue Album’ and it’s follow-up Pinkerton. This practice will continue at least as long as the Australian tour where Weezer will play their legendary debut, affectionately referred to as ‘The Blue Album’, in its entirety after playing some of the band’s greatest hits  and rare tracks.

Tickets for all shows available from 9am (local time) Thursday July 26

Tour Dates:

Sunday 13th January            
Entertainment Centre, Brisbane or Ph. 132 849
Wednesday 16th January     
Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne or Ph 136 100
Saturday 19th January         
Entertainment Centre, Sydney or Ph 136 100
Wednesday 23rd January    
Perth Arena, Perth or Ph 132 849


One thought on “Australian Tour for Weezer

  1. Melbourne rockers EMPRA list Weezer as a source of information so they would LOVE to open for Weezer on this tour so they put their heads together and got creative.

    They baked a cake for Chugg Entertainment with an edible icing sheet depicting the Weezer blue album cover with Empra heads and sent it along with an application for tour support.

    They certainly came up with a creative and memorable applicable that saw them presented to Weezer’s management in regard to the tour.

    Congratulations EMPRA on being considered and kudos for your creativity!
    Good Luck!!!

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