Album Review: The EP – The Wanted

The Wanted are a British-Irish boy band that formed in 2009 and have released two albums that did extremely well in the UK. It wasn’t until 2012 that they started seeing success in the US and also now Australia. Their debut Australian EP was released early in July and contains tracks that have already sold extremely well in the UK.

The Wanted EP contains all 7 UK Singles now tweaked and released to a new audience.

Chasing the Sun and Satellite are brand new tracks sure to make an impression. Chasing the Sun is also featured in Ice Age 4 which is going to make it a huge hit with the younger crowd. I love it and you can watch the Ice Age 4 film clip for the song here.

Chasing the Sun was written by British rapper Example and has two film clips. The Ice Age one, which is very cute, and a much darker one which illustrates it’s power as a popular dance club track.

the wanted the ep

The Wanted EP (Special Edition) features 10 songs, not all the upbeat pop I was expecting. There is a depth to some of these tracks that I wouldn’t have expected from. At the same time there are extremely upbeat and catchy tracks that get in your head and just won’t get out.

They have already broken British boy band records on the US charts and for their debut US release that speaks volumes about the potential captured in The Wanted.

They have the hooks, they have the beats and they are opening for Justin Beiber on his South American tour which is certainly going to expose them to a massive audience of potential new fans.

Track Listing:

01. Glad You Came
02. Chasing The Sun
03. All Time Low
04. Satellite
05. Lightning
06. Heart Vacancy
07. Gold Forever
08. Lose My Mind
09. Warzone
10. Rocket


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