Album Review: Spirit Bird – Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd is an Australian musician whose talent and style is iconic, he really encompasses the music of his ancestry. I can’t speak for any of his previous work because this is my introduction to his musical magic but Spirit Bird is definitely magical.

Spirit Bird is a perfect title for this album that encompasses a diverse range of sounds and instruments to truly broadcast Rudd’s vision. There are natural animal sounds as well as indigenous instruments like the yidaki.

This is a fantastic album to sit back and relax to, it really does have definite meditation music flavours. Filled with flowing natural notes and background noises Xavier Rudd takes your breath away with the pictures he draws in your mind with his inspirational compositions and lyrics.

spirit bird

Beautifully organic and understated, Rudd’s delivery of Follow The Sun is a reiteration of the song’s theme that no matter what our religion or our blood lines are in this world, taking a moment or a breath, to respect and acknowledge the flow of energy around us, is vital nourishment for our own souls.

There are some heavier drums, melodic guitars, beautiful birdsong, stompbox and percussion – there really is a little bit of everything. Including Rudd’s simple and heartfelt vocals. Rudd has a gift which allows him to combine folk, reggae, blues and ceremonial sounds in an album that will move you, and make you think.

Track Listing

1.   Lioness Eye
2.   Comfortable In My Skin
3.   Spirit Bird
4.   Prosper
5.   Bow Down
6.   Follow The Sun
7.   Butterfly
8.   Culture Bleeding
9.   Paper Thin
10. Full Circle
11.  Mystery Angel
12.  3 Roads
13.  Creating A Dream

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