Album Review: My Journey – Karise Eden

Karise Eden, winner of the inaugural season of The Voice (Australia), was cloistered in a studio within days of her win to record an album for release in the midst of the hype. The album released on June 26, just over a week after she was announced the winner. So it should come as no surprise that there was a large portion of the album already recorded.

My Journey is a snapshot of exactly that, this CD is a collection of songs performed on The Voice, the winners single, one original and five new covers of songs that have inspired her.

Blues is the genre of choice for Karise Eden and it’s one that her voice was made for, she has that smoky, deep voice that really does justice to some of the greats.

The covers chosen to perform on the show, and to include on this CD,  are ones that she has sung countless times and loves Рyou can feel it, you can feel that these are songs that touch her.

Another interesting point to note is that when she was choosing her covers she headed straight to the roots of the songs. Hound Dog is not covered from the well known Elvis track but from the 1952 original by Big Mama Thornton. The Dock of the Bay has been covered numerous times, always by men, and Eden remakes the Otis Redding original.

There is a lot of life, a lot of authenticity in the blues of Karise Eden, maybe a little too much for one as young as the 19 year old, but she has certainly made an impact and this is only the beginning for her.

karise eden my journey

Hallelujah is another song that has been covered and recovered, Eden takes it and makes it breathtaking. It was a performance that brought the country to its knees, and is still charting as we speak.

This is a young woman who took over the ARIA top 4 within weeks of The Voice finale and is sure to spend a lot more time there in the career ahead of her.

I Was Your Girl is the Eden original with touching lyrics, this is a song that will affect a lot of listeners and allow them to relate to her better, if this is an indication of her song writing talents we’re in for a treat with her first original album.

The format of the show means that the tracks from The Voice have been downloaded in the thousands already, so the major drawcard for this CD will be the 5 new covers.

Track Listing:

01. It’s A Man’s World (The Voice Performance)
02. Back To Black (The Voice Performance)
03. Nothing’s Real But Love (The Voice Performance)
04. Landslide (The Voice Performance)
05. Hallelujah (The Voice Performance)
06. Stay With Me Baby (The Voice Performance)
07. I Was Your Girl (The Voice Performance)
08. You Won’t Let Me
09. Hound Dog
10. The Dock Of The Bay
11. The Weight
12. I’d Rather Go Blind
13. Move Over

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