Album Review: Milling The Wind – Tim Hart

Tim Hart is best know as the Boy and Bear drummer but Tim Hart knew that this album was coming. It’s been brewing inside of him for a while now and always put on the back burner for the multi-ARIA winning Boy and Bear, but he has decided his time is now.

This album is a child of folk, no doubt about it. Embraced and lifted by many an instrument I don’t hear often in my usual choice of music. There is banjo, fife, flute, harmonica, trumpet and strings. A perfect addition to this album but a little out of place in my usual choices.

The tracks on the album cover quite a broad range of music from light to dark and acoustic to electric. But it’s the songwriting that really grabs you. It’s honest, and it looks at issues we all face in life – family, religion, childhood, love and heartbreak.

Tim’s decision to strike out solo was taken quite well by Boy & Bear, a fact that is demonstrated by their appearances on Milling The Wind. Frontman Dave Hosking lends vocals on “A Number Of Us” and ‘White Man/Our Share Of Decency”, the band’s Jake Tarasenko plays bass, flute and fife, while the Middle East’s Jordan Ireland adds banjo (“A Shadow Of A Man”).

Milling The Wind is a lot of things. I’m listening to it now and I’ll go to say something about it but then the song is changed and the sound is different. Every one of the 12 tracks on this album has its own very distinct feel and emotional response.

milling the wind

This is what Tim says of the album:

“If at the end of my career the one thing people say about me is, ‘He was an honest songwriter’, that would be great,” he insists. “I want people to love my music, but I’d love people to feel inspired to put everything out there too. Maybe it’s all going to be okay?

“And maybe you can still make old school folk records, and not have to disguise it up as some cool, niche ‘indie folk’,” he finishes. “The most important thing is to make the music you love. This is a record of my life: I can’t divorce my personal experience from my songwriting. This is where I am.”

Track Listing:

So Come The Rain
Cover Of Your Code
White Man / Our Share Of Decency
He’s Alright
The Old Gate
A Number Of Us
A Shadow Of A Man”
Wicked Winters
Stride By Stride
Borrowed & Vacant
A Colder World

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