Album Review: Kiss – Carly Rae Jepsen

Kiss is the first internationally released album for Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen. This is the height of disco-pop with moments of dance-pop, and the track she performs with Justin Bieber is a little too much pop for me to call a ballad, but it certainly seems to want to be a ballad.

All of the tracks on this album have that upbeat pop feel, even when they are lyrically less so. The tempo is enough to get  you caught up in the album, but it wasn’t quite enough for me to overlook that many of these tracks share an extremely similar tempo.

I think this is one that will appeal to the female teen and tween demographic, the beat will get them up and dancing and the  lyrics are innocent/naive enough not to cross the line for younger listeners.

Jepsen has a voice that conveys emotion well and though her range isn’t hugely diverse it is utilised well enough that her voice sounds markedly different from track to track. The tracks on this album were largely written, or co-written, by Jepsen and they are all heartfelt and down-to-earth.

This may be our first taste of Jepsen but she has been an established artist in Canada for a few years and came third in Canadian Idol.

kiss carly rae jepsen

There may not be huge pop hooks to burrow these lyrics deep into your brain – never to be shaken out – but the beat will have you dancing in your seat almost unconsciously. It’s a little too pop for me but I’m a rock girl at heart, it is very radio friendly and I’m sure there will be many a single to get a high rotation on this album.

Good Time with Owl City is one getting quite a bit of airplay and it combines the two voices extremely well, definitely a track that did get under my skin – in a good way. It is a fun and frivolous party song sure to become a backyard BBQ dance floor favourite.

Matters of the heart, love, lust, crushes, heartbreak and moving on are all subject matter covered by Jepsen on Kiss; and even the heartbreak and moving on songs are upbeat.

Track Listing

Tiny Little Bow
This Kiss
Call Me Maybe
Good Time (with Owl City)
More Than A Memory
Turn Me Up
Hurt So Good
Beautiful (with Justin Bieber)
Tonight I’m Getting Over You
Guitar String / Wedding Ring
Your Heart Is A Muscle
I Know You Have A Girlfriend

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