Album Review: Black Rabbits – Grinspoon

Aussie rockers Grisnpoon are back with their seventh album, Black Rabbits. An album that takes them in a new direction, this isn’t the hard rocking, angsty, angry music of their past.

Black Rabbits sees them perform a much lighter album, more melodic and upbeat. I found it to be quite an enjoyable change of pace.

“We were going for big choruses and major melodies,” says Jamieson. “Lyrically, I was writing on themes that weren’t too downtrodden, or too angsty. Musically, we wanted tighter arrangements all ‘round.”

Davern agrees. “I’d describe it as more ‘songy’ than ‘riffy’. I didn’t want to do another Six To Midnight, which had a lot of aggression. I didn’t feel like writing that kind of music.”

“I was listening to a lot of four-on-the-floor,” continues Davern. “We hadn’t really done any of that driving beat, groove-based stuff, which has more forward-motion than sideways-motion. I definitely had that in the back of my mind when I was writing: ‘I want this to be up.’ I didn’t want there to be any kind of negativity or anger going on musically. I don’t feel that way, and I don’t want to feel that way musically anymore. I think you can hear that in the music that came out. It’s different for us.”

grinspoon black rabbits

I find myself tapping my toes and already on the third listen through I’m singing along to the choruses. The first single is available now and gives a great insight into what you can expect from the album, due for release September 28, and the new direction they have taken with this album. These tracks are catchy and great fun to sing along too.

Branded was inspired by TV show Walking Dead which I found to be a great little piece of info to have. Tightrope contains some fantastic lyrics that help unlock the album and the band.

The four members of Grinspoon fell in love with The Bronx II which prompted their choice of Los Angeles-based rock producer Dave Schiffman, who has worked with Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Motorcycle Club and The Bronx, to handle the recording sessions.

Some big names offered back-up vocals by way of Tim Rogers of You Am I, The Living End’s Chris Cheney and Unwritten Law’s Scott Russo. Chris Cheney also plays some lead guitar on Another Sun, the albums bluesy track.

My favourite track off the album through would have to be Full Moon. Catchy, great to sing and memorable.

A fabulous change of pace and an offering that shows they can diversify and move forward. The angsty, angry music of their earlier work is in the past, that’s no longer where they are and no longer where they want to be musically.

This really makes me wonder what’s next for the Lismore born quartet.

Track Listing

Final Reward
Carry On
Just a Sound
Full Moon
Another Sun
Raise Your Glass
Battleground (Bonus Track)

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