Album Review: Believe – Justin Bieber

Since his arrival on the global music radar Justin Bieber has just gotten bigger, he collects fans and followers at a rate of knots and has been highly awarded in his relatively short career to date. And yet, up until recently I couldn’t have told you what any of his music was called or sounded like so this is my first proper introduction to more than just Boyfriend.

Lead single from the album was Boyfriend earlier this year, it received mixed reviews from the critics but still debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Much of the criticism likened the track to the vocals of his contemporary Justin Timberlake, which is a comparison I really can’t argue with, and I would compare it to some other Bieber contemporaries but I can’t put my finger on the songs. A lot of the current music market contains striking similarities to other artists. Boyfriend is a track that really demonstrates the evolution and maturity of Justin Bieber, most obviously through his much deeper voice but also by his portrayal in the video and the subject matter.

This album showcases a Justin Bieber who is maturing and moving forward into the realms of young adult super stardom, there is not a lot of the vibrant teenage pop I was expecting. Both the vocals and the tone have more depth than that.

Bieber has brought in some big names in the industry to work with him on some of these tracks, and the lyrics were written in conjunction with hired songwriters. Collaborations with Ludacris, big Sean, Drake and Nicki Minaj add a new edge and showcase the more mature Justin.


To be totally honest this album was not what I was expecting (thought in the vein of that honesty I am not sure exactly what I was expecting). There is quite a variety of styles on the album which does showcase the range this talented young man is capable of. Everything from the thumping, bassy dance tracks to the high notes and more melodic ballads.

Fans of Bieber are going to love following him on his journey from early teens to adulthood and watch his evolution as clearly from album to album in the vocals and style as can be done watching the boy in person.

The progression of this artists career is going to be worth watching because I think his star is definitely still rising, it will be interesting to see where the future takes him.

Track Listing:

1. “All Around The World” featuring Ludacris
2. “Boyfriend”
3. “As Long As You Love Me” featuring Big Sean
4. “Catching Feelings”
5. “Take You”
6. “Right Here” featuring Drake
7. “Fall”
8. “Die In Your Arms”
9. “Thought Of You”
10. “Beauty And A Beat” featuring Nicki Minaj
11. “One Love”
12. “Be Alright”
13. “Believe”

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