Agony Uncles TV Show [M] ABC1

‘When you have absolutely no-one else to turn to.’

The premise of this new 6 part ABC series is a pretty simple one…men don’t talk about stuff so what’s a young, inexperienced lad to do? How does he ask an attractive girl or boy out? When should he kiss her? Call or text? Who can he turn to?

Now he has the Agony Uncles.

Wilfred creator Adam Zwar brings together a broad cross section of Aussie men to, well, talk about stuff. With the deadpan dry former Liberal party president and naughty boy businessman John Elliott, hysterically funny Tim Ross, one half of the Merrick & Rosso duo, and hunky McLeod’s Daughters actor Brett Tucker as just a few of our favourite new uncles, how can this be anything but an outrageously fun way to spend a Wednesday night.

agony uncles

Interlaced throughout with old footage of men doing men stuff, like drinking at the pub, climbing mountains, eyeing off pretty women in nightclubs and drooling over decked out 1970’s panel vans, the episodes are divided into helpful chapters. As last night’s premiere episode was all about being A Single Man, the first chapter was ‘How do you overcome your fear of rejection’. Awwwww fellas!

We then witness man after man, all successful and handsome and funny and clever, open up about how difficult it is to approach a woman or man that catches their eye. Actor Josh Lawson bravely acknowledges that he would rather improvise in front of a crowd of 1000 people than ask out a woman he met at a bar. Oscar winning Director, Adam Elliott laments that as he tends to go out with men far more attractive than he is, when dumped he consoles himself with the wise words of television’s Judge Judy…beauty fades, dumb is forever.

It’s all very funny but in an endearing way. And the nawwwwws continue. At this point, I walk over to the TV, give it a big hug, pat it on the back and just rock a little. There, there boys. We’re not so bad, really.

Chapter 2, ‘How do you approach someone you find attractive’. Then the men start to talk about the pack. By pack they mean a group of, one can only assume, more than 2 women who obviously incite fear and dread into the hearts of all men. They tell how your best bet is to separate your chosen one from the pack. Only the bravest of brave will approach the pack as an entity. Approach from the front, never from behind unless you have been invited. Downwind and with caution.

The nawwwwws cease as the blokes hit their stride and the funny stories begin. They talk pick up lines, the use of physical infirmity, strategy and the all-important wingman. They let you in on the deal with daddy issues, psychos (great sex but a crazy roller coaster ride) and why drama school is any young lads perfect hunting ground.

This is where I am going to let you discover the rest of the fantastic new series all on your own. The laughs come thick and fast and I literally had tears running down my face. My 15 year old son wandered out to see why mum was giggling away and made me rewind so he could watch it himself. He said it was like ‘sitting down with your really cool older uncle’.

I cannot recommend this show enough and I cannot wait till next Wednesday. This is charming, funny, gorgeous, endearing, clever Aussie blokedom at it’s very, very best. PHWOAR!!!

Agony Uncles airs on ABC1 at 9.30pm Wednesday nights
If you missed last night’s episode, you can catch it here

*Disclaimer: I apologise for any incorrect info on the blokes, I was winging it on this one!

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