A Million Suns – Shannon Noll

A Million Suns is Shannon Noll’s fourth studio album and it is firmly planted in his rocking roots but it does branch out with some more diverse sounds.

Shannon Noll may have come to the country’s attention through his part in the Australian Idol series but since those days he has made his own name, his way.

The songwriting on this album can be quite touching, and quite emotional, all sung with passion in Noll’s distinctive gravelly voice.

shannon noll

Shannon Noll has teamed up with some big names to write the songs for this album starting with Benji Madden on Switch Me On, about the redeeming qualities of love.

A Million Suns pays tribute to the Australian summer and focuses on Noll’s voice, more melodic than rocking but definitely one to get caught up in.

There are songs on this album that talk of remorse for past mistakes, party anthems that will get you in the mood for a great night, music that speaks to the soul about finding your role in life, songs of second chances and then the music of the soul that speaks of coming home and reconnecting, the importance of family and the hard work involved on the inside of the industry, away from the bright lights and microphones.

Song writing credit is shared by Shannon Noll by with Adam Reily, Josh Bidmead and Brooke McClymont, with producers Lindsay Rimes and Bryon Jones.

It all comes together to form a fabulous album, that quite surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. There is enough diversity to keep it from sounding really repetitive. This album offers music for every mood as well which is great. I have had it on repeat for the last three days and I’m not ready to throw it yet so that’s a really good sign.

Do yourself a favour and check out Noll’s new album!

Track Listing:

01. Switch Me On
02. A Million Suns
03. My Place In The Line
04. Come Home
05. Rewind
06. Til We Say So
07. Long Way Home
08. Living In Stereo
09. Path of Gold
10. Collide
11. Would It Be So Bad
12. It’s A Man’s Man’s World

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