A Few Best Men – Soundtrack

Soundtrack albums are really hard to talk about, especially when you haven’t watched the movie, and in this case I hadn’t even seen the trailers.

A Few Best Men released in Australia in January and it has been described as Australia’s Hangover. The movie is about David, who comes to Australia to marry the love of his life. He brings three best men and they create all sorts of chaos as they clash with the family of the bride.

Not that the plot of the movie really ever has that much to do with the soundtrack.

a few best men

This soundtrack features music that was in the movie recorded by Olivia Newton-John and remixed by local and International DJ’s and Producers. This would explain to me why we have so many tracks that strike me as wedding songs, not for their romantic qualities but their classic status and the fact that everyone knows them. There are definite classics here that you are certain to want to sing along with, if you can match the new tempo.

The majority of tracks are sung by Olivia Newton-John, and sung well. The songs are arranged differently than I’m used to but they were still enjoyable. It wasn’t a case of ‘what on earth have they done’ like sometimes happens with covers.

The remainder of the tracks are performed by The Wedding Band so you know that you are in for a different sound, cover bands playing weddings never seem to perform tracks the way they were done originally and you expect nothing less.

I have to say though that Olivia Newton-John singing Suzi’s Devil Gate Drive, remixed, takes some getting used to – but I like it. Then there’s Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad by Meatloaf – sung by Olivia Newton-John and remixed by Lo Five, again very different but I don’t hate it – and I love Meatloaf. One of my favourite 80’s anthems is Mickey (could be something about the name I guess), it’s the one song guaranteed to get me on the dancefloor regardless of alcohol consumption and done by Olivia Newton-John it’s just not right, it’s not the same and still I find myself dancing in my chair as I type this.

Other classics included on this soundtrack album are Day Dream Believer, The Nips Are Getting Bigger, Sugar Sugar, Mickey, Georgy Girl and Living In The 70’s.

This is a great summer party album that melds classic tracks everyone knows the words to with electro house and dance beats. It’s also a new album by the iconic International Superstar that is Olivia Newton-John.

Track Listing

01. Weightless
02. The Rain, The Park & Other Things (Lo Five Remix)
03. The Nips Are Getting Bigger
04. Daydream Believer (Chew Fu Fix)
05. The Pushbike Song (Pablo Calamari Remix)
06. Wankered
07. Afternoon Delight
08. A Beautiful Morning
09. Brand New Key (Archie Remix)
10. The Love Boat (Roulette Remix)
11. Live It Up
12. Sugar Sugar (Chew Fu Fix)
13. Living In The Seventies
14. Devil Gate Drive (Chew Fu & PVH Night Fever Remix)
15. Georgy Girl (Roulette Remix)
16. I Think I Love You (Chew Fu & PVH Love Hurts Remix)
17. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad (Lo Five Remix)
18. Mickey (Chew Fu Fix)
19. Weightless (Punk Ninja Remix)

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